Products and Services of Hydrochem can be divide into two broad divisions-


  Manufacturing Division
  Our products fall into the following two major categories:

      A. Chemical Division
          • Rubber Chemicals
              o Peptiser
          • Metallic salts of fatty acids
          • Wool grease and Lanolin
              o Lanolin
          • Graphite Powder
          • Wax blends

      B. Agro Division
          • Psyllium seeds and husk (also known as ispaghula isabgol. Plantago ovata)
          • Psyllium Boucher, Technical Specification


  Trading Division
  We represent companies in eastern India for a few specialty chemicals and equipment.

  Some of the major companies and products are:
          • Ion Exchange India Ltd - Water treatment plants, resins and chemicals
          • Klόber Lubrication India Pvt. Ltd - Specialty lubricants
          • BASF Construction Chemicals (India) Private Ltd.- Construction Chemicals
          • Croda Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd - Specialty chemicals


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